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Friday July 19th - Track Day & Solo2 @ Shannonville Motorsport Park

CMR2E has a reputation of running safe, efficient, and quality lapping events, and we are confident that you will be pleased with the venue and instruction available to you.  This event is open to convertibles with appropriate roll-over protection (automated, or a roll bar).

We will have instructors on hand to help everyone from rookies to experienced drivers with their skills.

This year we will be lapping on the full 4.03 km long track from 9 am to 5 pm for the price of $300 CAD.

Other Info:

  • Snell 2005 or newer helmet required.
  • St John Ambulance will be on site.
  • Co-drivers are allowed without any additional costs.
  • Arrive at the track to sign in at 8 am.

A mandatory driver's meeting will be held at TBD am in the pit area.  If you do not attend the driver's meeting, you will only be allowed on the track at the discretion of the clerk of the course.

Why do Convertibles require a Roll Bar for lapping at Shannonville?

Roll-bars are required because St. LAC is insured under ASN Canada Lapping Regulations.  Appendix C which describes the roll bar / roll cage construction requirements can be found here.

Registration & Payment

Payment via Paypal to:

  • Your Name
  • Car Make and Model year
  • Group: Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced
  • Your club affiliation: Ontario MR2 Club, ClubMR2 Quebec, MR2OC

Signup is first-come first-served!


All attending, including guests, must register to sign the waver and receive a wrist band.  Please note that there is no charge for those who are not competing in the Picton Airfield events, but your completion of the waver is mandatory.

To keep the events moving smoothly, and to get the most runs possible, once the first car is away, new competitors will not be accepted.

Every competitor will be issued a number.  This number is to be displayed on both sides of the vehicle.  For multiple drivers of a vehicle, the driver must indicate to the starter which number is ready to run.  Painters tape can be used to write numbers. 


The famous MR2 BBQ will return to action this year.  Stand by for details!!

Classes & Results

  • MR2 NA: All Normally Aspirated MR2s Mk1,2,3
  • MR2 Boosted: (Mk1SC, Mk2T)
  • MR2 Modified: Race cars, significant modifications (IE., Engine swap, extreme lightening, non-DOT tires)
  • Non-MR2: Using the 4 StLAC Classes

Trophies will be awarded to top time in MR2 and Non-MR2 classes at the end of the event.

StLAC has a computerized timing system.  After each run the times will be printed and posted for all to see.  There is also a timing display that will be set up near the finish box for the driver to see their time.

CMR2E 2017 Track Day
Image for previous 2017 event by Club MR2 Quebec's Cedric Vezina


Saturday July 20th - Wine Cruise & Show 'n Shine

Assemble at the official hotel (Best Western Belleville - 387 North Front Street, Belleville ON K8P 3C8) at 10 am.

Judging will begin at (time TBA), and conclude at (time TBA).

Awards will be issued for the following categories:

  • First Generation MR2 (AW11)
  • Second Generation MR2 (SW20)
  • Third Generation MR2 (ZZW30)
  • Modified MR2
  • Best of Show

Photo by Ontario MR2 Club's Rob Ksiadz

MR2 at Shannonville
MR2 Lapping at Shannonville
Shannonville Pit Area
MR2s ready to hit the track
ModSquad I
MR2OC ModSquad I during shakedown at Shannonville
ProSolo Picton
ProSolo at Picton Airfield
ProSolo AW11
Supercharged MR2 ProSolo Showdown
MR2-Spyder at Picton Airfield
mk1.22 autocross
MR2OC ModSquad II mk1.22 on the SoloII Course
MR2OC ModSquad II
mkII autocross
SW20 MR2 at Picton SoloII
aw11 autocrossAW11 MR2 at Picton SoloII
89sc1989 Supercharged MR2 at CMR2E
KruptKrupt Kustoms MR2 at CMR2E
mr2bbqThe MR2 BBQ at Picton Airfield
mr2elise1989 SC MR2 & Lotus Elise
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