About CMR2E

What is the Canadian MR2 Experience?

The Canadian MR2 Experience (CMR2E) is an annual 3 day event which brings together Toyota MR2 owners from across Ontario, Quebec, the Maritimes, and many American States.  The fun filled weekend includes a full day of lapping at Shannonville Motorsport Park, ProSolo & SoloII autocross events at the historic Picton Airfield, a Show-n-Shine Competition, Awards Presentation, and more!

Expect to see many cars spanning the 23 year production history of the Toyota MR2, with a variety of states ranging from immaculate factory fresh stock cars to customized modifications, engine swaps, race prepped track cars, and even the incredible MR2 BBQ which provides delicious BBQ on site at all event venues.

CMR2E is an ideal event for anyone looking to take their car to the track or drive an autoslalom circuit for the first time.  Experienced Driving Instructors from the St. Lawrence Auto Club provide a drivers' education school prior the the start of the track event.  The instructors are also available to ride along with anyone on the track.  During the ProSolo and SoloII events, many experienced autocross competitors are more than happy to ride along with beginners in order to help navigate the course while teaching proper technique.

2019 marks the 17th annual Canadian MR2 Experience in which we are celebrating the 16 year history of the event.  The original event was known as "Kingston 2003", a name which concluded with "Kingston 2007".  In 2008, the name of the event evolved into "The Canadian MR2 Experience".

CMR2E is organized and facilitated by members of the Ontario MR2 Club & Club MR2 Quebec.

About the Ontario MR2 Club

We are a group of enthusiasts serving the needs of Toyota MR2 owners in Ontario, Canada.  The Ontario MR2 Club has been dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of this unique automobile.

As an association, the Ontario MR2 Club endeavours to bring together people interested in the Toyota MR2, by promoting, organizing motor-sport activities, regularly scheduled meets, unique sporting displays, social activities, and events in conjunction with other car clubs.

Members of the Ontario MR2 Club are not required to be residents of Ontario or even Canada.

About the Toyota MR2

The MR2 was a mid-engined, rear-wheel drive, two-seat sports car produced by Toyota, spanning three generations: 1984-1989, 1990-1998, & 1999-2007.

Although the Toyota MR2 was last sold in Canada during 1993, 1999-2005 model year United States Domestic Market MR2 Spyders have been imported into Canada beginning in 2009, when the car became eligible for importation into Canada due to the harmonization of Canadian bumper standards with U.S. Federal Standards.

MR2 AW11
First Generation
MR2 SW20
Second Generation
Third Generation
MR2 at Shannonville
MR2 Lapping at Shannonville
Picton Airfield
SoloII at Picton Airfield
SoloII AW11
SoloII at Picton Airfield
ProSolo Picton
ProSolo at Picton Airfield
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