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16th Annual Canadian MR2 Experience

Join us in celebrating the Toyota MR2 at CMR2E 2019 - the 17th annual edition of Canada's premier Toyota MR2 club event!

The inaugural event - known as "Kingston 2003" - layed a foundation upon which the Canadian MR2 Experience has been built with the continued participation of Toyota MR2 owners from across Ontario, Quebec, the Maritimes, and many American States.

Join us from July 19-20th at a variety of venues located within Prince Edward County on Lake Ontario.


What is the Canadian MR2 Experience?


Three Full Days of Events!


Map of Accommodations and Venues

  • Forbes Toyota
  • Kbox
  • Racing Strong
  • Twos R Us
  • MR2 BBQ
  • OMC
  • CMQ
  • mr2oc
  • TRD Ottawa
  • St. LAC
  • Next Level
  • Hux Racing